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Get Your Free Watch The Road App

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Looking for a simple app to keep you, family and friends focused on the road? Well look no further – Watch The Road app is all you need!The addiction to texting, emailing, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and more is real! Even myself as an adult knows the difficulty in maintaining the self control and discipline to just simply Watch The Road.I wanted to keep this simple and easy, just a quick download and the push of a button and the app is activated. What is really nice about this, is once deactivated, your phone resumes to its normal settings. You will also be able to see who called and all the incoming text messages from when the Watch The road app was activated.Part of the issue when I drive, and a client either calls or text. I felt the need to reach out to them to at least say “hey I’m driving at the moment, and I will contact you once I get off the road”. But its not worth it, so much can happen in that quick period. Accidents, tickets and the possibility of a loss of life is just not worth it.Watch the Road app will allow you to preset your message before driving, once activated, callers and texters will automatically receive your pre-generated message before activating, notifying them that you are currently driving. Once you have reached your destination, simply deactivate and retrieve all incoming messages with the satisfaction of knowing your family, friends, clients or bill collectors know you were being a safe road worthy, remarkable person.

Get your app now, and its completely free. Spread the word. I do thank you for taking the time to check out the Watch the Road app. Please email me at admin@sickfingers.com if you have any questions, concerns or request.

Have a wonderful day

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